Signs of a Meth Lab

Cold Medication - A large quantity of cold medication packages can be an indicator of a methamphetamine laboratories.

Equipment - They may be items present like, funnels, gloves, powder like residue rubber tubing and soft drink bottles. Also sheets on the windows can be a give away.

Chemical Odour - An active lab may have a varnish or paint thinner smell or even a hospital like smell. Some people may liken the odour to vinegar or ammonia.

How long does meth contamination residue last on surfaces?

Unfortunately meth residues are relatively sticky that deposits from vapours onto surfaces and stay there for an extended period of time (several years).

How to Test Your Property For Meth

We can provide you with a DIY test kit. The test kit will recommend to swab test areas such as the kitchen, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and garages. It gives an instant result as to whether there is cannabis, methamphetamine and other narcotic residues present.

Please contact us to find out more about our meth testing DIY kits.


Meth DIY Testing Kit

How to Clean Meth Residue from a House

Because of the large increase in clandestine drug laboratories in Australia - the Clandestine Drug Laboratory remediation guidelines was developed with a four step approach to remediate the contaminated properties. The steps include:

  1. Trigger for Assessment
  2. Preliminary assessment and action
  3. Site Assessment and remediation
  4. Validation

We provide Meth Testing services for phase 1, 3 and 4. Also, we can determine a scope of work for the cleaning and decontaminating meth labs according the the Australian guidelines.

Need Meth Lab Testing?

Backed by over 15 years experience in environmental services in Queensland. We have also overseen many meth lab decontaminations across Queensland and New South Wales. Please call us if you want a quote for this.
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