Formaldehyde odours are generally a concern when a building has recently finished construction or recently renovated. We can help locate the source of the formaldehyde using a PID VOC meter. This meter will help us locate the source or material which is off-gassing.

However, if you would like a more accurate result, we can take a sample using a specialised collector that can identify the different formaldehyde sources emitted - glues, building materials, paints resins etc.

What is Formaldehyde and where is it found?

Formaldehyde is a colourless chemical with a strong odour similar to ammonia. It is part of a larger group of chemicals called VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). It is typically found in:

  • Building material including - plywood and particleboard
  • Lacquers and varnishes
  • Insulation
  • Glues and adhesives
  • Cleaning products such as detergent and disinfectants
  • Electronic equipment such as printers and computers.
  • Insecticides

It is also a byproduct of combustion such as that from a cigarettes, fireplaces, cars and trucks.

Formaldehyde Testing Kit

Formaldehyde Testing Kit

C02 Meter

C02 & VOC Meter

What is the Safe Level of formaldehyde?

The national occupational exposure is is 1 part per million 8 hour time-weighted average and 2 part per million short term exposure limit. It is governed in Australia under the The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS).

How Can We Help You?

We can provide testing to see if your environment is safe. If there are elevated levels, we can produce a report which can assist in reducing the levels. Call now for an inspection.